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Frame Bhava

Bhava Spa Seminyak

Spa Packages


2.5 Hours ~ Single 980.000 / Couple 1.850.000

Juuk Lengis Foot Ritual ~ Java Experience Massage ~ Instant Glow Facial Sandalwood Lulur Body Scrub ~ Yoghurt Body Polish ~ Royal Balinese Floral Milk Bath.

In honour of Java's wellness heritage, Royal Palace Ceremony recreates the journey once taken by royal brides. A refreshing foot wash soothes tired toes while a small bell rings softly to symbolically announce the beginning of this experience. A soothing body massage is then performed to release muscle tension and entice deep relaxation before continuing with a mini facial. To give the skin a radiant glow, the body is then gently exfoliated using a sandalwood lulur paste followed by an application of yoghurt polish. A leisurely soak in a milk bath infused with tropical flowers brings this exotic ritual to a fragrant close.


2 Hours ~ Single 820.000 / Couple 1.550.000

Pina Colada Foot Soak ~ Balinese Massage ~ Instant Glow Facial

Fresh Grated Coconut Hand & Foot Scrub ~ Purifying Bath.

Enliven your body with the finest tropical essence from The Island, a mix of local tradition and contemporary practices which makes it unique and a perfect way to immerse yourself and discover a timeless beauty and benefits for the ultimate nourishment. A refresh and gentle pina-colada foot bath is performed prior to a traditional Balinese massage.  Next comes fresh grated Coconut for your hands and foots scrub followed by instant glow mini facial. This exotic spa experience closes with a Purifying bath.

2 Hours ~ Single 820.000 / Couple 1.550.000

Purifying Foot Ritual ~ Balinese Massage ~ Cananga Body Scrub

Full Moon Purification Bath Ritual.

Drawing inspiration from Bali’s cultural traditions, this nurturing treatment is focused on personal indulgence. It begins with the placement of a floral offering and the ringing of a bell as a symbol of appreciation for the gift of each new today. A gentle foot bath is performed as a prelude to a traditional Balinese massage that uses warm oil in combination with long finger strokes and applications of pressure to melt away muscular tension. Next comes a natural body scrub that will leave skin feeling fresh and radiant. is uplifting spa experience closes with a purifying frangipani bath to energize body, mind and spirit.


2 Hours ~ Single 820.000 / Couple 1.550.000

Herbal Foot Ritual ~ Samskara Warm Stone ~ Foot Massage

Marygold Herbal Bath.

Annora means light in Sanskrit; it represents one candle to light thousands candles - one heart to illuminate and warm thousands hearts. To get connected with your inner soul, you need to dissolve into deep restorative massage to nourish and warm your mind and body. The journey starts with herbal foot ritual, then dissolve yourself into a deep restorative massage, using heated basalts stones and place them on the vital energy points combine with detoxifying oil blend will melt away your sore and aching muscles. A brief foot massage will resulting in pure relaxation. The harmony sensation closes with a divine marigold herbal bath.



2 Hours ~ Single 820.000 / Couple 1.550.000

Avocado Foot Ritual ~ Balinese Massage ~ Instant Glow Facial

Mango & Passion Body Scrub ~ Balinese Citrus Bath.

Tapping into the nourishing powers of locally grown fruits, this natural treatment has a reviving effect on all skin types. It begins with an avocado foot ritual to cleanse travel-weary toes. This is followed by a traditional Balinese massage using long strokes and finger pressure to restore depleted energy levels. A hydrating facial then gives the skin an instant glow before continuing with a mango and passion mousse scrub for an aroma-sensory experience. This session of personal pampering is finished off with a milk bath infused with Balinese oranges and limes.

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and subject to 15.5% government tax and service charge

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and subject to 15.5% government tax and service charge

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